Welcome to Home Media Basics

Disclosure: I personally do not like websites that are riddled with ads. I am trying to minimize ads on this site. I am not affiliated with anyone else. I do not get any money for referring you to any equipment or any other stuff.

Like the TV commercial says, after a lot of years in the business I have learned a thing or two about media.

This site is about me sharing my experience with you. All the nuts and bolts on how to create your own network and manage all your digital media are right here.

I do my absolute best to keep things non-technical and as simple as possible. I explain things in everyday English but sometimes, you just got to get technical.

I'm not affiliated with any products or companies. Every piece of equipment that I recommend is based on my first-hand experience and satisfaction with the equipment.

I am more than happy to answer any questions or to refer you to additional resources. I'm also very eager to hear your criticism of my info and my side. I want this site to be useful and worthwhile and I need your feet back to point me in the right direction.

My personal credo is that I do not work for technology, technology works for me.

😊 OK, let's go!