After photos, your home videos are the next most essential elements of your media library. They are irreplaceable slices of your life. This step is all about your home videos and commercial movies and TV shows.

Home Videos

It will be quite a bit easier to organize your home videos as compared to your photo library. The main reason is that you have less than five hundred home videos in your library whereas you might have thousands of photos in your photo library.

Less than five hundred is a lot more manageable than quantities in the thousands. You can do the organizing by hand. You will notice a lot of repetition from the previous step, Photos. We are starting with your folder named "Home Videos" which has all your home videos in it.

Just as you did in the previous Step, pay attention to your home videos,

  • Duplicates
  • File Names and Rename
  • Folders
  • Tags

Movies And TV Shows

Your commercial movies and TV shows are a valuable part of your media libraries, one notch lower than your personal photos and home videos.

Pirated Movies / TV Shows

This is a good place to talk about illegal copies of movies and TV shows.

First, I am not offering any legal advice here. I am not an attorney. I am just making you understand that there are consequences to stealing copyright media.

If you copy, download, or get illegal movies or TV shows, you are robbing the creators of this media. They depend upon sales for their income just like you depend upon sales of your personal labor at work or sales of any products you create. There are penalties for this criminal activity.

Then if you "share" these pirated or illegal files with your friends or family or others using these media management applications, you are compounding your criminal behavior by "streaming" this media. You don't have to charge people to view it to break the law, you simply must share it to break the law.

There are a variety of fines and imprisonment in place for these violations.

In short, stay away from illegal, pirated movies and TV shows. As they always say on TV, "You have been warned."

Whew, I am glad we got that over with so let's move on.


You now have an organized video library. Congratulations! Excellent job!



Introduction / Scope:

The scope of work outlines what the goals are, what this is about, what is included, and what isn’t. 

How-To / Process:

This is where all the action takes place. These are the processes, steps, actions, and so on, that make the "Scope" turn into the "Deliverables."

Conclusion / Deliverables:

These clearly defined and quantifiable deliverables are what is expected at the end of the project.

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